Ermita del Calvario (Hermitage of the Calvary)

Typical hermitage built in the Valencian Baroque style, located very close to the city center of Alcalà. The floorplan is in the form of the Greek cross, rectangular, with two small wings at the head: the sacristy, on the left, and the dwelling of the hermit, on the right.

The interior of the dome is round, and the exterior is octagonal and pointed. The dome is covered with blue glazed tiles, with white glazed tiles placed at the corners.
The doorway is of the Doric-Tuscan order, with an undulating pediment. The frontis is closed with a simple cornice with a mixtilinear profile, crowned by a bell gable.
The interior space is articulated in the Corinthian order and is decorated with carved paintings or stuccos, a display of the rococo style.

The paintings on the pendentives display motifs from the Passion: The Entombment, The Flagellation, The Garden Prayer, and The Descent, while painted upon the dome are four Old Testament themes.
Around this Hermitage, they are various picnic and barbecue areas for folks to enjoy while visiting the enclave.