One especially noteworthy product from our lands is the "Tomata de Penjar"; this variety of hanging tomato has been a tradition in our town for over a century and is characterized, among other things, by its special flavor, long shelf-life and artisanal handling, from start to finish. Together, these factors are what make it unique; there is no product equal to it on the market, no matter how similar it may appear to be. This tomato has earned the "CV" Mark of Quality, is included among the products designated to represent "Castelló Route of Flavor", and is distinguished for its contributions to the "the Community of Valencia Natural Parks Brand".

Our cuisine features other local products of excellent quality, indispensable to our cooking, such as artichokes, almonds, olive oil, the starflower, etc. Of course, our geographical location also means fresh fish and seafood, prepared using techniques passed down from generation to generation, steeped in the oldest culinary traditions of the region and ready to be savored by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The most popular dishes are 'Olla Gaspatxera', 'Rostit', Octopus with Potatoes, 'Suquet de Peix', Rabbit with Snails, etc., and a wide variety of Rice dishes such as 'Arroz al Horno', 'Marinera', 'A Banda', etc.


To top it all off, we have delicious desserts made with almonds from our own lands, including 'Pastissets', 'Carquinyols', 'Rosegons' and 'Almendraos', which will delight lovers of good food.