Hermitage of Santa Lucía and San Benet

This hermitage is located 312 m. above sea level, set in a privileged watchtower offering a magnificent view of the Columbretes Islands and a wide swath of territory belonging to Baix Maestrat and Plana Alta.
The style is Valencian Baroque and dates from the late 17th century. It boasts a simple structure featuring a nave with a barrel vault and buttresses.
In June and December, a festival is still celebrated at the hermitage in honor of its patron saints.

Santa Lucía Ethnological Interpretation Center

Next to the Hermitage, is located the new cultural and visitor reception space. Place that complements the visit to the archaeological site of Santa Lucía, located on the western slope of the hill and that covers three intermittent periods of occupation: Ancient Iron (late III-II millennium BC), Bronze Age (VII-VI centuries BC) and Islamic Period (XI-XII centuries).

In this space, recreations of the main archaeological remains found in the Santa Lucía site are exhibited, such as ceramic and goldsmith pieces or the constructions of the different periods. The visit is completed with an audiovisual projection that explains the historical and strategic importance of Santa Llúcia throughout history.