Route of the 'Capelletes'

These are small, open niches placed in some facades and which enshrine images of a Saint or Virgin or a passage of their respective lives, either in the form of sculpture or mostly in polychrome ceramic panel, also known as a ceramic altarpiece.

These capelletes are found throughout the town, even in the mountains, as is the case of the capellete of San Benito, near the hermitage of San Benito and Santa Lucia.
The ceramic altarpieces of San Abdón and San Senén, found on the streets bearing their names, are especially noteworthy, in part due to their antiquity, as are those of Santa Bárbara and La Virgen de los Dolores, also on streets bearing their respective names. Also of special interest are the ceramic altarpieces in honor of San Juan Bautista, Santa Victoria and San Acisclo, all located on Calle San Juan, as well as that of San Vicente Ferrer, on Calle Purísima, among many others.