For cycling enthusiasts, there are various routes within the municipality to practice this ecological sport, ranging from the simple, pleasant bike ride to mountain bike routes that wind their way, for example, through the Serra d'Irta and offer us the chance to enjoy nature.



Description of the route:
Before arriving at the Alcossebre lighthouse in the Las Fuentes development, you can take up the Ribamar trail. At its starting point, you can find signs indicating the route by bike. This trail runs parallel to the coast and takes us to Cala Volante (geographical boundary of the Serra d'Irta National Park) and, from there, along the road to the town of Peñíscola.
The only difficulty this route presents is the ascent to Torre Badum; this stretch of steep slope comes just after the Pla de Pebret.


Description of the route:
The route begins in the town of Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, specifically on the service road that runs parallel to the highway. It continues along this road, heading south for 2 km, until arriving at a point where you can access the N-340 road or turn off to the left.
We continue on the left; up ahead a few meters, there is a detour to the right, but you must go straight. The route passes close to the Ametler lookout point and a water tank used for wildfire prevention.
Next, there is a fork in the road; take the road on the right, which passes through the 'corral de la Viuda' and arrives at Xivert Castle.
After passing the castle, you continue down the trail until you get to the l'Estopet path, which has an asphalt surface, and then pass by the Calvari hermitage, before arriving finally at the town of Alcalà de Xivert.


Description of the route:
From the coast of Alcossebre, via the Ribamar trail, you can enter the Serra d'Irta National Park.
Following this trail parallel to the coast, a very sharp curve brings us closer to Cala Argilaga; immediately after, we come upon a detour to the left, indicating Font d'en Canes.
Later, we come to another fork in the road on the right; here we find the Caseta recreational area.
With this detour behind us, we continue along this path, past the Pou del Moro and Mas del Senyor, until we arrive at the Font Nova development.